A Predictable Growth Plan to Double Your Businessin 90 Days

Most businesses lack the time and expertise to create and implement a profitable marketing strategy. As your CMO On Demand, I provide you with a clear and predictable growth plan as well as marketing leadership at a fraction of the usual cost, to help you get more clients, who buy more, more often.

As a DigitalMarketer Certified Partner, I will apply the same marketing frameworks and strategies DM uses in order to help companies such as:

Mansions, Wars, Camps, Raps, Laws, Schools, and Sales – My story in 7 words.

The Goal of the “2x Your Sales Discovery Session”

Give you a formula and a framework for predictable growth

and put you on a 90-Day path of DOUBLING your sales

STEP 1: Double Your Sales Discovery Questionnaire

STEP 1: Double Your Sales Discovery Questionnaire

We’ll go through a proven framework to help me get an overview and better understanding of your business, customers, and objectives.

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STEP 2: The Growth Audit

We’ll evaluate eight different categories of your marketing and identify the one which we should focus on first in order to have the biggest impact on your business.

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STEP 3: Documentation of Your Customer Value Journey

Then we’ll map out your customer value journey – the foundation you need to produce a predictable flow of customers from scratch, align business objectives across departments, align your customer’s interests with yours, and establish a shared vocabulary within your organization.

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STEP 4: Your Growth Plan Overview

Finally, I’ll provide you with a Growth Plan Overview of how to establish actionable metrics and KPIs to help you optimize each stage of your Customer Value Journey, and which tools and tactics to choose to accomplish that.

Who It’s For

While I focus on coaches and consultants – just because I enjoy working with them – the frameworks and strategies we use can help everyone who has a product or service and is looking to

Convert more leads into customers

Increase margins for every transaction

Increase the frequency of purchase of each customer

And ultimately… double their business

I have worked with ecommerce brands, b2b marketing agencies, b2c marketing agencies, video marketing agencies, info-marketers, restaurants, dentists, tennis coaches, fashion brands, waffle houses, vacation rental property management businesses, event venues, SaaS companies, NGOs, lawyers, change management, photographers, a wedding card company and many more industries…

What Our Clients Say

Put your business on a 90-day plan to double your sales

and regain confidence and control over your marketing

My Mission

Marketers have a bad reputation (especially in Germany).

Why? Well, marketers love coming up with different tools and tactics they can publish books on or create courses around to sell to entrepreneurs. More often than not, they seem to have their own best interest in mind, making it look super easy to succeed, taking advantage of your hopes, your dreams – and mostly – your fears.

It’s getting increasingly difficult for SMBs to cut through the noise and to focus on big-picture actions to grow their business.

I think it’s a disgrace. So, I’ve made it my mission to help entrepreneurs IGNORE everything… and identify the ONE THING they should be focusing on right now that will have the BIGGEST IMPACT on their business – before taking it one step further and showing them a clear path of DOUBLING their sales.

For my clients, I’m nothing less than a CMO (but much, much more affordable). My goal, however, is to provide them with the guidance and training that will soon get them to a place where they no longer need my services.

It’s time to bring simplicity back, stop chasing the next shiny object and instead, put professional systems and frameworks in place that help you feel confident and in control regarding your marketing efforts again.

Certified in Various Areas of Marketing