I’m giving away half my revenue… Interested?

The best part of running your own business is being able to choose whom you want to work with. My main criteria when choosing a client is: optimism. I’m an optimist and I love working with optimists. They are open to big ideas, are wy more fun to work with and this – usually – leads to the most successful campaigns.

Now, optimists usually know other optimists. And that’s why I have decided to heavily invest into getting referrals from optimists with the goal of becoming a referral-only consultant.

What does that look like?

If you refer someone to me who you think will benefit by my services, both will receive 25% of the first month’s invoice each. So, if the client you have referred to me ends up signing a $10k per month contract, he will get $2500 discount and you will get a $2500 commission for your referral.

Whom I can help:

Most small to medium-sized businesses lack the time and expertise to create and implement and profitable marketing strategy so that they waste money and time while harming their reputation.

As a CMO On Demand, I will provide them with a clear and predictable growth plan and marketing leadership at a fraction of the usual cost, and help them get more customers, who buy more, more often. The goal is to put them on a path of doubling their sales within 90 days.

E-commerce stores
Coaches & Consultants
Course creators
And more…

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